Transporting SAP QUERY for STANDARD AREA from source system to target system


Click on the below Function to see the contents of the table  

You will find the transport request created when executing the report earlier in the table contents.  


After successful transport we need to import the objects in target system

Release the request from source system and once request is available in target system we can import the same

Check the contents of table AQTDB in target system giving the transport request created from the source system you will find the request number under SRTFD column and name of the infoset and query exported from the source system

Run the program RSAQR3TR again with the import option and select OVERWRITING allowed (IF you do not select this and if query already exits then new changes exported by you will not be  overwritten)  

In the Data sets with Import, provide the transport request which was exported from the source system. (Same which was in the table contents of table AQTDB) otherwise you will not be able to import the request.

After successful execution of the program, infoset and query would be available in target system

Do the same process for exporting user groups etc.


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