Issuing 'Original' & 'Duplicate' in Smart form Output


Step 2 – Implement below logic in INITIALIZATION section of Smartform.

Find out copy number. How? : In NAST table, we get the entries for all messages status. It maintain field VSTAT with any value as shown in below table.

We can use input structure IS_NAST which is available for invoices. This structure has data like application, message type and object key.

Select single entry from NAST table Where  
      Application (KAPPL    = < app. Group like V1, V2, V3 etc >
      Object key (OBJKY)      = < Document number >
      Message type (KSCHL) = < Msg. type like ZR00 >
      Processing status (VSTAT) = 1  .

     IMG_NAME = 
     IMG_NAME = 

If it selects any entry that means original copy is already been processed and this is a duplicate copy; Else this is original copy.

Step 2 – Show the image in page background. If not required to show in background then instead of setting as page background you can show it in separate graphic window.

Results -

You will see Original text printed only at first time you print output. For rest all attempts it will show output as Duplicate copy.

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