Label printing using Smart forms


Step 5:-

Now in the Main window create a table node in the table painter create a line type with one row whose width is equal to the width of label to be printed.  

Under the data tab pass IT_MAIN.  


Step 6:-

Now in the Main WindowàMain Area of table create a row with line type created above and in the cell create a text node and pass the corresponding data which needs to be printed in the label.  

Step 7:-

Create a command line after table node which will call page1 itself

On the condition that IT_FINAL is not initial.  


The reason why command line is used is suppose we have 15 labels to be printed then it will be like Page1->6 Page2-> 6 and Page3->3 labels respectively.  

Initially IT_FINAL will have 13 and IT_MAIN will have 2 rows which are for 6th and 12th label. After 12th label is printed main table will not have any more data to print. The command line will check if any more labels are yet to be printed by checking entries in IT_FINAL table. If yes it will trigger 3rd page which print the last three labels.  

Output Page1:-  Output Page2:-

Output Page3:-

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