Draw vertical lines to fill the entire main window in SmartForm


6.     Now create the table line (%ROW1) for header using %LTYPE1 and create the table line (%ROW2) for data display using line %LTYPE2.

7.     Now to fit the vertical lines till the end of the main window

a.      Create a separate window (NEW_WINDOW) before the main window with the same position and size specification of the main window like left margin, upper margin, width and height.  

Main window position and size would look like

New window position and size would look like:

b.    Create a new template(NEW_TEMPLATE) with the similar specifications of the line type  %LTYPE1 under NEW_WINDOW as below.  

Note : The width and height of the template will be the same as the Main Window.  

8.     Execute the form and the output will be :

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