Step-by-step approach in creating a PO Layout using Smart Forms


37.               Split the Cell into Four or into any number of columns you want to display in the script by right clicking the “%C1”.

and press “Back” Button.


38.               Select the  cv  cv  of the table to be displayed in the script by the clicking “Select pattern” Button

Selected table pattern

39.               Inorder to Display the “Column Text“ for the table columns, insert the Text as shown below:

40.               Right click the “OI_HEAD ORDER ITEM HEADER” and from the Menu path “Create” à Select the “Text” .

41.               Enter the Text name and description (e.x. Text = “HEAD1” and Description = “COLUMN1”) and enter the values as in the screen shot (i.e. as explained in the point no 34).

42.               In order to match the Template Column with the inserted Text  “HEAD1 COLUMN1”, select the “Output  options” Tab and Enter the Line Number and Column Number in which the above Text has to be printed in the form

Repeat Step No.40 & 41 for all the remaining column headings.


43.               The Form is ready with all data upto Table Header. Inorder to populate data under each column header, insert a table.

44.               Insert the Table under “PO_LOOP PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER LOOP” by right clicking the same.

45.               Enter Table Name and Description (e.x. Table Name = “OI_DISPLAY” and Description = “ORDER ITEM DISPLAY”)

46.               Match the column width with the “OI_HEAD ORDER ITEM HEADER” Template (refer step no 38 screet shot no 2) and Select the “Default” radio button and “No page break” check box. Click the “Select pattern” push button to select the table pattern to be displayed.

47.               Click the “Data” and populate the Item details by looping the Internal Table I_EKPO into the Work Area WA_EKPO sorted by EBELN and EBELP as shown in the following screen shot


48.               Inorder to Display the values for each column, we have to Insert Separate Text for each column under the Table “OI_DISPLAY ORDER ITEM DISPLAY” by Right clicking the same. Enter the Name and Description for the Each Text Inserted under the Table.

Column 1 for Line Item of each Purchase Order – Populate the values for each column as explained in the step no 34.


Inorder to Match the Item values with the Template Header, In the Inserted Text “ORD_ITM_COL COLUMN1” Click the “Output options” and Select the “New line” Check box and Select the “Line type” as “Detail” and also check the “New cell” Check box.

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