Step-by-step approach in creating a PO Layout using Smart Forms


49.               Similarly add one Text for the remaining columns.

For the Third Column Text also You need only to select the “New cell” Check box.

50.               Before Inserting the 4th Text for the 4th Column, we have to calculate the Amount by Multiplying the Quantity and Unit Price and for the same we have to insert “Program Lines” by Right clicking “OI_DISPLAY ORDER ITEM DISPLAY”


51.               Similarly calculate the subtotal by adding the totals and calculate the grand total by adding the subtotals.

Before doing the calculations, declare variables for total, subtotal and grand total in Global definitions.


52.               Now add the 4th Text to display the 4th column in the Form.

For the Fourth Column Text also You need only to select the “New cell” Check box.


53.               In order to display the Subtotals (which has been created earlier i.e. refer to step no 52) of all the Line Items for each Purchase Order, we have to Insert a separate Text Under the Table OI_DISPLAY ORDER ITEM DISPLAY” by right clicking the same.


54.               Enter the Name and Description for the Inserted Text (e.x. Text = “SUB_TOTAL_DISPLAY” and Description = “SUB_TOTAL_DISPLAY” and populated the value for subtotal.


55.               After each purchase order, the Variable V_SUBTOTAL has to be refreshed, In order the clear the subtotal variable we have to insert “Program Lines” by right clicking the “OI_DISPLAY ORDER ITEM DISPLAY”.


56.               Enter Name and Description for the Program Lines (%CODE1 New program lines 1) Inserted (e.x. Program lines = “CLR_VAR” and Description = “CLEAR SUBTOTAL VARIABLE”. Input parameters = “V_SUBTOTAL”. Clear the variable as shown below:


57.               Now, we have to display the Grand Total (i.e. summation of all the subtotals). Insert “Text”  under the “PO_LOOP PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER LOOP” by right clicking the same.

Text “%TEXT1 New text1” gets inserted. Now enter the name and description for the same and also populated the value for grand total

 Text = “GRD_TOT_DISP”, Description = “GRAND TOTAL DISPLAY” and Variable V_GRDTOTAL has been populated to display the grand total in the form.

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