Creating custom page format for SAP Script / Smart Form


Next step is to create Format Type. Remember Format Type should have same name as your Page Format name. Start from transaction SPAD, on 'Device Type’ tab press display button next to 'Format Type'. Click on change then new button and create Format Type as shown in screen-shot below.

To allow printer to use this new Format Type you need to add this format to device type of printer. You can find the device type of printer from table TSP03D; it is stored in field PATYPE.

On 'Device Types' table enter Device name and press Display button next to it.

Go in DISPLAY mode and press 'Formats' AND GET THE DETAILS

On next screen press ‘New’ button and enter 'Format Type'.

Once the format type added to device type, double click on the line (on first column). On next screen as shown below double click on 'Printer initialization'

Inside Printer initialization, the code will actually set the page length on printer.  

You might need to add this format and put specific code for each device type of each printer on which you are planning to print the output. Basis team can help in that with all these setting in place you can, hopefully, print the output on printer with correct page format.

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