Passing Select-Options to Smart Forms

By Venkat

Step1: Create a Structure ZSELECTION in SE11 with following fields. 


This structure is similar to the selection-option internal table. 

Step2: In smart form ‘ZSELECT_FORM’, create an entry in to TABLES in the Form Interface. 


Step3: Define Structures in TYPES tabs in GLOBAL DEFINITIONS.


Step4: In Global Data, 


Step5: In program line, write the following code. 


Step6: The PERNRS given in the select-option in the driver program is captured in T_SELECT. In program lines, T_SELECT is input to SELECT query and the results are captured in internal table T_0002. We have to mention resulted internal table T_0002 in output parameters for further use. 

Step7:  Now, loop the internal table T_0002 as shown below. 


Step8: Create driver program ‘ZSELECT_FORM_REP’. Write the following code in report.


Step9: Execute the driver program.

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