Creating Custom button in ALV toolbar in webdynpro


15. Go to the methods list in main view add a event handler for the button to be placed in the ALV toolbar

So ONbuttonclick is triggered when the button on ALV toolbar is clicked.Inside that method need to check if it same function code which is set so

  DATA l_button TYPE string.
  l_button = r_param->id.

*---------checking if the function is set to 'button' ---------*
IF l_button = 'BUTTON'.


Inside the above if condition I Have just generated a report_message in that method to show that method is triggered

16. Go to windows and right click VIEW and click on embed

Embed the table view of the ALV

17. Create an application for the webdynpro component


The button on the ALV toolbar is displayed


On button click the event is triggered

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