Displaying data in ALV table using service call (Web Dynpro ABAP)


Create an action for ‘OnAction’ under Events, a pop-up appears, give action name and description and click

On tick mark. Action will be created


Double click on that action name, you will be taken to source code window, write the below code and save.

METHOD onactionget_data .
wd_comp_controller->execute_zhr_employee_leave_det( ).


Come back to the view layout, double click on input field and bind the value of input field with importing parameter Im_employee.


Now double click on component name give below details in used components

Here ‘Component Use’ can be any name, but ‘Component’ should be SALV_WD_TABLE, then press enter and save.

Expand Component Usages and expand ALV_TABLE and double click on  INTERFACECONTROLLER_USAGE

You will find context with various nodes. click on ‘Controller Usage’ above, context  of component controller appears on the right side.

Drag and drop IT_LEAVE_DETAILS node from component controller to the ‘DATA’ node in INTERFACECONTROLLER.  

Now double click on window and expand MAIN view you will find ALV_TABLE  which is a container element

Right click on ALV_TABLE and select Embed View.

Click here to continue...

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