Assistance class in Web Dynpro ABAP


A.    Using assistance class in Web Dynpro component  

1.     Create a Web Dynpro Component ZZ_00_BOOKINGS, with input as Departure City/Country and destination City/Country.

2.     Create logic to display the flights available meeting the input criteria and display the flight details in ALV format.

3.     Create another table in MAIN view to display the flight bookings.

4.     Now, go to the web Dynpro component, ZZ_00_BOOKINGS.

5.     In assistance class, put the name of the class we created ‘ZCL_WDABAP_FLIGHT_MODEL’ and save.

6.     Also, include the ALV component as shown in the below screenshot as we will be displaying the flights bookings in ALV format.

After saving the Web Dynpro Component, you can see ‘Assistance class’ folder is generated under the component as shown in the below screenshot.

7.     Go to Component controller and open the attributes tab. Check if WD_ASSIST attribute is created or not. This is the reference attribute of the assistance class which will be used to access the logic written in the class.

8.     Go to context tab and make sure you have created additional subnode called ‘Bookings’ to display the flights bookings.

We will be displaying the below fields in the flight bookings ALV. 

9.     Now, go to the methods tab and double click on method GET_BOOKINGS. We will use the assistance class we have created in this method to get the details of the booked flight. These details will be stored in the internal table ‘ITAB_BOOKINGS’.

10.  Bind internal table ‘ITAB_BOOKINGS’ with the sub node ‘.  

B.    Activation and Execution of the Web Dynpro Application  

1.     Save and execute the Web Dynpro Component.

2.     Enter the Departure city as Berlin/Germany and destination city as Frankfurt/Germany. Press button ‘Search Flights’.

3.     It will display the available flights in the first ALV and bookings of the flights in the second ALV.


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