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Custom Controller with Screen elements Functionality


Step15:  Select the required fields from the structure

Step16:  Custom Controller Context with 2 nodes( Input, VBAK)


Step17:  Go to à Main View Context. Custom Controller is not available

Step18:  Click on Create Controller Usage

Step19:  Select the ZCUSTOM from the list

Step20:  Custom Controller is available on the right side as highlighted. Click on the Custom Controller

Step21:  Custom Controller with the nodes. Drag- drop the nodes on to the View Context

Step22:  Drag-drop Input Nodeà on to View Context (“ CONTEXT MAPPING “ )

Step23:  Drag-drop VBAK Nodeà on to View Context (“ CONTEXT MAPPING “)

Step24:  Go to View Layout to design the UI elementsà Select the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINERà  Wizard à Select Form

Step25:  Bind  UI element with ViewContext Input Node(“ CONTEXT BINDING”)


Step27:  Form is not visible on the layout. Change the property of the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER from Flow layout  to Matrix Layout

Step28:  Create Table UI element bind with the View Context and Page Header

Step29:  Create a Button ( Text : Search and Action : Search)

Step30:  Create Contextual Panel

Step31:  Right Click on contextual Panel à Insert Element

Step32:  Create Free Contextual Area for : Input Search and Table

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