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Custom Controller with Screen elements Functionality


Step33:  Contextual Panel with Free Contextual Areas as show below

Step34:  Drag-drop Input search into à Input Search Free Contextual area.. Similarly for the table

Step35:  Change the width of the Contextual Panel from 220px à 520 px

Step36:  Go to Custom Controller Methods à Create FETCH method. Double Click the method.

Step37:  Click On Code Wizard à Context à Node/Attribute +  Read

Step38:  Code is auto generated for the input node

Step39:  Similarly for the table. Click on code wizard à Context

Set + As table Operation à VBAK node

Step40:  Code is auto generated.

Before bind table write the select query to fetch the data from VBAK table into internal table lt_vbak

Step41:  Go to Main View à Actions à Search

Step42:  Click On Code Wizard à General à Select the Method call in Used Controller à ZCUSTOM

Step43:  Click On Code Wizard à General à Select the Method call in Used Controller à ZCUSTOM

Step43:  Code is auto generated through the Wizard

Step44:  Activate the Component, Create the Application and Test the Application

Step45:  The Output is displayed with the empty table.

Step46:  Give the Sales Doument low : 4969 and High : 5000. Click on SEARCH button the records are displayed in to table.

Step47:  When the View loaded initially à Empty Table has been displayed.

To hide this table initially, Input fields and Search button  should be displayed on the condition following steps are to be followed.

Create an ATTRIBUTE under the View Context

Step48:  Create Attribute : ENDIS;  Type: WDY_BOOLEAN. ( To Enable/Disable Search Button and Input Fields)

Step49:  Create Attribute : VIS ;   Type: WDUI_VISIBILITY(To make Table Visible/Invisible)

Step50:  Create Attribute : ATTR;   Type: String

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