Steps for creating a Web Dynpro Component for Adobe interactive Forms using the Enumerated Drop Down Box(Web Dynpro for ABAP)

By Vani Prasanna M, TCS

1.       Go to transaction SE80 and create a web Dynpro component.

2.       Enter the View Name , ‘Main_View’ in the pop up window and press ‘Enter’ .


3.       Assign a package and save it.


4.       Go to context tab of the Main view and create an empty node.

5.       Give the name ‘ROOT_NODE’ to the node and press ‘Enter’ .

6.       Create Attribute ‘ZUSER”   under node ‘ROOT_NODE’ .

7.       Create an attribute under the “Root_Node”.

8.       Give the Attribute name as ‘PDF_SOURCE’ and Type as ‘XSTRING’ .

At the time of form submit, the form is stored in PdfSource in Binary mode.

So, when once user fills the form and submits it, the same form will be generated with data.

9.       Create an attribute under the “Root_Node”.

10.   Give the name ‘ZUSERNAME’  to the node and press ‘Enter’ .

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