Demo on Dynamic Progress bar (Web Dynpro for ABAP)


20. TO create NAVIGATION LINK between the 2 VIEWS

Drag and Drop the TO_SECOND_VIEW Outbound plug of ‘MAIN’ view to the Inbound plug ‘FROM_MAIN’ of the SECOND_VIEW’ View

A pop up appears click ok. To proceed.

Now the screen will look this.

21. Right-click on the WebDynpro Component and create WebDynpro Application.

Without changing any values, press SAVE.

22.Save and activate the application (When activating, select all the six components related to this webdynpro application. If all six components are activated, only then your application executes)

Now the  application is ready to execute

23. Right-Click the Webdynpro application and test the application


After 100%

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