Dynamic population of F4 help in Webdynpro ABAP based on user's selection


Select   Structure and Continue.

Enter Description and enter required fields i.e. EBELN and EBELP.

Now Attach the already created Custom search help  ZEKPO_SH  to  these fields in the structure.

Click Entry help/Check tab.

Click Search help and give name of search help ZEKPO_SH and continue.

Attach search help ZEKPO_SH to two fields in Structure (EBELN, EBELP)

Now Save and Activate the structure. 

6. Go to SE80 -> Webdynpro Comp -> Give name of created component  ZWD_DYNAMIC_F4_HELP.

Go to Context Tab of MAIN View. Create a node NODE_EKPO.

In the node, give dictionary structure (ZDYN_F4HELP_STR )that we created with Dictionary Search help

Then Click Add Attributes from Structure.

Now Context will looks like this.

7. Go to Layout tab. Next step is to create input fields for EBELN and EBELP fields.

8. Create Container form by clicking Root UI Element and Create Container Form

Now Click Context and continue.

Click here to continue...


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