Building a Simple RoadMap Application using Floor Plan Manager GAF (Guided Activity Floorplan)


4. The application configuration window displays your new configuration.

Within your configuration are the following two components:



5. You will create configurations for both of these components. In the configuration column, enter names for both components and click ‘Save’ button. A message appears to inform you that the components are saved, but that the configurations do not actually exist. You will create a configuration for the FPM_GAF_COMPONENT now.

6. Select the row containing your FPM_GAF_COMPONENT and click Go to Component Configuration button.

7. Click Create to configure the component.

8. In the Create Configuration dialog box, choose the relevant Package and choose OK.

9. In the Main Step that comes by default select the UIBB and in the attributes select the component name and view that needs to be displayed below the main step. In component F4 help you can find your Webdynpro ABAP components only if your component implements the IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK interface.

10. To re-name the road map step name select the main step in hierarchy and in attributes enter the new name for the road map step.

11. To add another road map step click on Add Main Step button and repeat the above step to insert a view below it.

To insert a new button, click on Add Toolbar Element button and a pop up opens. Select Other Function button.

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