Building a Simple RoadMap Application using Floor Plan Manager GAF (Guided Activity Floorplan)


In the corresponding Road map step a button gets inserted. You can enter a label for the button and an FPM event ID. Based on the FPM Event ID we can write logic for the button inside the process_event method in component controller which gets created when the component implements the IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK.

Configuring the FPM_IDR_COMPONENT to create Page Header:

There are 2 ways by which you can create configuration for the IDR component

1. We can select the IDR component and click on Go to Component Configuration button and create IDR.  

2. You can configure Page header by clicking the Configure IDR button.

Enter the IDR configuration ID and click Create button.

In the Create Configuration dialog box, choose the relevant Package and choose OK.

Enter Road Map in the Application title which is displayed as the page header. Click ‘Save’ button to save the data.

Select the Webdynpro Application and enter the application configuration name in the application parameters tab so that the application comes to know its corresponding application configuration            

On click on Previous, Next, Submit buttons the method Process_Event( ) in component controller gets triggered.

Standard buttons like Previous, Next have standard FPM event id (Eg: gc_event_next_step).

For custom button like “Submit” when we create in component configuration we need to enter a FPM Event ID,

Using the FPM Event ID we can write logic for the submit button.


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