Quick help in Floor Plan Manager (FPM) applications


Creating Quick Help Linking to a Documentation Object :

 1 . Go to SE61 to create a Documentation Object.

      Select Document Class as ‘General Text’ and language as ‘English’.                       

2 . Enter a name for Documentation Object and Click on CREATE.

3 . The following screen is displayed, here we can enter the help text.

     Save and Activate the Documentation Object.

4 . Go to the FloorPlan component configuration screen, and click on ‘Explanation’ button.

5 . Enter the created Documentation Object in ‘Docu. Object’ field.

 6. Save and Test the Application.

7 .  Right click on anywhere in the application, and from the context menu click ‘Display Quick Help’.

8 . The Quick Help is displayed on the top.

When to use Direct Help: 

  • It is local; it cannot be used in multiple applications.

  • When the Quick Help is short.

When to use Documentation Object:

  • It is Global. When the content of the quick help is used in multiple views or applications.

  • When the Quick Help is long.

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