Demo on Adding and Activating Sub-Step for GAF Applications in FPM


29 . Select “Exit to Main Step”.

30 . Now screen looks this way.

31. Now go to “View_1” of your component and create a button and set its text as “Go to Substep”.

32 . Now, create an action for this button.

33 . Go to that action and paste the following code.

data fpm type ref to if_fpm.
cl_fpm_factory=>get_instance( ).

data lr_event type ref to cl_fpm_event.

cl_fpm_event=>create_by_idcl_fpm_event=>gc_event_change_step ).

->mo_event_data->set_valueiv_key cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_mainstep_id
                                      iv_value 'MAINSTEP_1' ).

->mo_event_data->set_valueiv_key cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_substep_id
                                      iv_value 'SUBSTEP_1_1' ).

->mo_event_data->set_valueiv_key cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_subvariant_id
                                     iv_value 'SUBSTEPVARIANT_1' ).

->raise_eventio_event lr_event ).  

34 . Determining the Main Step Id.

lr_event->mo_event_data->set_value( iv_key = cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_mainstep_id

                                      iv_value = 'MAINSTEP_1' ).

35 . Determinig Substep Id.

lr_event->mo_event_data->set_valueiv_key cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_mainstep_id

Determinig Subvariant Id .

lr_event->mo_event_data->set_valueiv_key cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_param_subvariant_id

36. Save and Test Application.

37 .  Click on “GOTO-SUBSTEP”. To go back to main step click on “Exit to main roadmap step”.

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