Getting started with Floor Plan Manager (Web Dynpro for ABAP)


Give View name using F4 help and component name will come automatically. Refer the screen below.

See the screen shot below, now window would look like this with a new view embedded in it.

Activate the component.

C:\Documents and Settings\pranav_nagpal\My Documents\My Pictures\bok10.JPG

Creating the Webdynpro Application

Right click on component name and create a new Web Dynpro application as shown below.

Enter the following information.


·         Interface      View: FPM_WINDOW

·         Plug Name:  Default

See the screen below for more information. After filling the required details press save button.

Select the local objects created for your login Id or your package in which you are working. As shown below.  

Expand the Webdynpro tree and webdynpro application and search for the application created in above step. Now right click on the application name and select Create/Change Configuration.


Browser will open a new application which will provide the frame work to configure our application. See the screen below for more details.

Create a configuration using FPM Configuration Editor

Give any Z-Configuration ID and click on button Create.

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