Getting started with Floor Plan Manager (Web Dynpro for ABAP)


Set these attributes to your first view of your Web Dynpro component (containing the text ‘Hello’).

Enter the Component name (use the input help and search function to find your component). 

Enter the View (once you have entered the component name, the View input help displays the list of views for that component). Select window name containing your Main view for first UIBB.  

Similarly for second main view UIBB select the component and second view. Follow the screen shots shown below.

Your screen will look like this

Click on Save Button. You will see a success message.

 Testing application

Go back to your SAP screen and refresh your package. You will see that configuration has been created for your application. Expand the configuration tree and test the configuration you have created. To test right click on the configuration name select Test as shown below.

You will see application in separate browser with two tabs. See the screens below.

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