A Step-by-Step guide to create a simple FPM application using Feeder Class for FORM GUIBB


6)     Now go to SE80 and create a WebDynpro component as follows.


7)     Enter the Interface““IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK” in Implemented Interface tab. Note the RED signal. It means you need to reimplement this interface in this WD component.  

8)     Click on “Reimplement.

9)     Create the WebDynpro Application by right clicking on component as follows.  

10)  Change the component and View in the properties of WD Application. In this example we are using OIF and hence the component is as follows. In case of other floorplans like GAF and OVP write FPM_GAF* and do the F4 and you will get the list.

            Component     :  FPM_OIF_COMPONENT

            Interface view:  FPM_WINDOW

11)  Now go to the package where you have saved the WebDynpro Application and right click on the Application and click “Create/Change Configuration”.  

12)  It will open the browser. Enter the Configuration ID. This is the FIRST CONFIGURATION of your FPM application. This is called as APPLICATION CONFIGURATION. Press Enter so it will give the following ERROR.

This is expected because till this point your APPLICATION CONFIGURATION does not exist. Click on Create button. You will receive the success message.  

13)  After Application Configuration, it’s time to create the Component Configuration for your OIF floorplan.

Enter the name component configuration name and click on “Go to Component Configuration”.  

This is again expected error and same as above (Step 12). Click on Create and give your package and it will open the next screen with the success message.  

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