Demo on FPM LIST GUIBB with Edit/Save/Delete/Sort/Filter Functionality


36 . Click “OK”.

37 .  Now click on “Marks” column on the right. Here we want to make Marks column as editable.

38 . Select Display type as “Input Field”.

39 .  Select the ‘department’ on the right column and select its display type as “Drop Down”.

40 . Now, click on “Configure Toolbar” on top .

41 . The following screen is displayed .

42 . Move ‘DEL’ , ‘SAVE’ , <separator>  onto right side and hit ‘OK’.

43. Now hit “SAVE” button on top to save the configuration.


44 . Go to Setting on the right column and change the “row count” to 10.

45 . You can also display the LIST GUIBB as ALV; just select Rendering Style as “ALV Rendering”.

46 . Now go to the OIF configuration screen and delete the default ‘Save’ button provided by FPM.(Optional step).


47. Hit “Delete” button and “Save” on top to save the configuration.


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