Implementing Tabbed GUIBB in Floor Plan Manager


18 . The below screen is displayed, where we have to create Application Configuration.


19 . Enter a name in Configuration Id field say ‘YDEMO_TABBED_UIBB_ID’ and click on ‘Create’.


20 . It will ask for package name.

21 . The following screen is displayed where we have to create OIF configuration.

22 . Enter a Configuration Id say ‘YDEMO_TABBED_UIBB_CONF’ and press ENTER and click on ‘Go to component configuration’.

 23 . Click on Create.

 24. Enter a package name.


25 . The below screen is displayed, now click on ‘Attributes’.


26 . The below screen is displayed.

27 .  Enter the following values in fields.

            Component : FPM_TABBED_UIBB

            View              : TABBED_WINDOW


28 . Now we have to create a configuration for Tabbed UIBB , enter a configuration name say ‘YDEMO_TABBED_UIBB_CC’ in the field Configuration Name and press Enter.And click on ‘Configure UIBB’.


29 . Click on ‘Create’.

30 . Enter a package name.


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