Implement SEARCH GUIBB Using FPM


Go to Object instance schema and click on UIBB button. It will create new UIBB element.

Enter the component as FPM_SEARCH_UIBB Window name as SEARCH_WINDOW and Configuration name as ZTEST_SEARCH2.Select the UIBB row and click on Configure UIBB button.  

It will open the below pop up screen. Enter the feeder class as ZCL_SEARCH_TEST


Click on Search criteria button. It will open the below pop up and select the KUNNR and click ok.

Click on Columns of Result list, it will open the below pop up and click on select all and ok button.

Save the entire configuration and test the application.  


Enter search criteria like customer contains *Z* and click on search.  


See the search results from the Browser.

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