Web Dynpro Application to update the Communication details of the employee into HR Infotype 105


Step 14:

Now go to the Component and double click on it to create a webDynpro application.

Right click on the Component name -> create -> WebDynpro Application.

Now an application will be created with an Unique URL for this component as follows:

Step 15:

Double click on the Object name and click on activate to activate all the WDY components developed.

Step 16:

Now collapse the Web Dynpro application right click application and click on Test.

A browser window will open like this.

Enter the data and Click on Submit.

Step 17:

Now the data will get updated in the Infotype 105.

Go to T.Code PA20 type the Employee number and 105 in the Infotype and Click on the Overview button.

All the data entered by the user will be updated here.

Thus the employee can be able to update all his communication details into Infotype 105 by using this application.

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