Help Center usage in Webdynpro ABAP


On click of Help link, it will display the Help Center Page with sections such as Note, FAQs, Worth Knowing and Learning Content (Learning Content is not available in NW 7.0, EhP 1)


You can add FAQs etc. There is option available if you want to display this information for this application or for all application.


Based on authorization object and roles, user can be categorized as key users and normal users.

 Key user will have access to create, change and delete the content.


Normal User will just be able to see the content. But will have access to change and delete the Note content.


Authorization Objects to Determine Key User -

 Whether a user is Key user or normal user is determined in the method IS_KEY_USER of class CL_WDHC_AUTH.

 In NW 7.0, EhP 2, this method checks for the authorization object S_WDHC_ADM.

 Below is the snap of this authorization object with permitted values.  


 In NW 7.0, EhP 1, this method checks for the authorization objects S_DOKU_AUT and S_TABU_DIS.

 Conclusion -

As discussed in this document, we can integrate Help Center in WD ABAP application. If appropriate authorizations are assigned to user roles then users will be able to access it accordingly.

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