OVS help in the WebDynpro application (WebDynpro for ABAP)

By Swarna Ramya R, Wipro 

In one of my Scenarios, I’ve to get the Job Id and Job Description from the Database Table for Creating a Position in the Organizational Structure. I have provided the Object Value Selector (OVS) which takes Job Id and Job Description with ‘*’ (For Exact Selection it is not necessary to Use ‘*’) as input and list out all the Job Id and Job Descriptions corresponding to that Selections. On selecting one of the Entries from the Output List, the corresponding Job Id and Job Description will get displayed in the Screen. 

Introduction About Object Value Selector 

Generic help like value help can only be used for the field to which it is binded i.e. its scope is limited to that structure to which it is binded. But there are scenarios where we need a search help that allow multiple input fields to be populated or take multiple fields for search criteria. In this case, OVS comes into picture. OVS provide us with the selection screen that can contain multiple input fields to which our selection criteria can be restricted and displaying results values that can be used to populate different input fields. 

OVS makes use of the PHASE MODEL. We have two components in picture: OVS component and Consumer component. At certain point of time, OVS Component requires some information from consumer component. For this, OVS component fires OVS event. 

The parameter PHASE_INDICATOR is used to indicate the type of information requested. An event handler method in the consumer component subscribes to the OVS event and collects the information requested. For handling back this information to the OVS component, it makes use of certain methods in the OVS component. The reference to the object OVS_CALLBACK_OBJECT containing these methods is provided by the OVS event. These methods include: SET_CONFIGURATION (), SET_INPUT_STRUCTURE (), SET_OUTPUT_TABLE (). 

Phase_Indicator has four phases: Phase 0,1,2,3.

For Detail about different phases, you can go through the link.



1. Create one Webdynpro Component with name ZWA_OVS_JOB.


2. Press Enter. 


3. Declare the WDR_OVS Component in the used component list in your WD component as shown below. 

4. Now go to the View, in the Properties Tab click the Create Controller Usage Button. 


5. It will open a screen with Component Use Entries. There select the Component Use OVS with Interface Controller as shown below. Press Enter. 


6. It will display as follows in the View Properties.


7. Go to the Context Tab, Right Click the Context and select Create à Attribute. 


8. Give Attribute Name as JOB_ID with Type SHORT_D.  In the Input Help Mode Field, Select ‘Object Value Selector’ from the dropdown. Then press F4 in the Field OVS Component Usage.


9. It will open a Pop-up. Select OVS and press Enter. 


10. Press Enter. 

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