Demonstration of Table Popin in Web Dynpro


Step7: Go to view layout. Select Code wizard and insert one form. Bind this form with Carrid node.

Step 8: Create one button ‘Search’ with action Get_data.


Step 9 (required more attention): Again go to code wizard and insert one table binding it with Sflight node. Remove the fields ‘Table_Popin’, ‘Seatsmax’ and ‘Seatsocc’ while binding, as shown.  

Step 10: Right click on Table and select ‘Insert Table Popin’.


Step 11: Create UI element Transparent Container under table popin to insert contents of popin.


Step 12: Insert two Labels and two Input Fields to the above created transparent container. Assign each label to each input fields and bind the value property of the two input fields with ‘Seatsmax’ and ‘Seatsocc’ attributes of node Sflight.

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