Reusability of components in Web Dynpro for ABAP


Creating a View:

Click on the Web Dynpro component ZDEMO_SEARCH_FLIGHTS in the object tree and open the context menu to create a new view.

Create View SEARCH.


Create a Context for SEARCH:

 Open the view editor for view SEARCH and switch to tab Context. Create a context node SEARCH_NODE in the view controller by opening corresponding menu.

Enter node name SEARCH_NODE, structure is SFLIGHT and cardinality should be 1…1, then click on   Add Attribute from Structure to select required fields.


Designing View:

Design the layout with two Input fields with labels, one button with action to search for Flight details and View Container UI Element to display the table from the component ZDEMO_FLIGHTS to Layout by Right click on Route Element Container or Drag and drop from Layout Container.

Create an Action for the button SEARCH.


The Resulted view will be like


Switch to the Window of the component in the object list tree (the window’s name may be different depending of the template used), open the node SEARCH at the right hand side and select Embed View by right clicking on the node ViewContainerUIelement_1


Select the Input help of the input field View to be embedded from the popup.


Choose the Interface view ZDEMO_FLIGHTS of component usage FLIGHTS. 

The resulted window will be like 

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