WebDynpro for ABAP - Working with Roadmap UI element


Create Attribute.

Right click on node created Roadmap->Create->Attribute.

Enter the properties of Attribute as shown below.

Design view layout.

The view should consists of Roadmap, Viewcontainer and two buttons.

Click layout tab. Default it has RootUIelementcontainer. Right click on it and select Insert Element.

Enter the Name and Type as shown below.

Bind the property ‘Selected’ of Roadmap with the context attribute ‘Step’ as shown below. 

Right click on Roadmap element and select Insert Step.

Enter the name and Type as below.

Enter the Description for step as First View.

Repeat the same to create other two steps as below.

For second step.

The following for third step.

Then Insert Viewcontainer into the view.

Click here to continue....

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