Sales data flow based on User Input using FPM Framework (Web Dynpro for ABAP)


Step 8: Map the context of controller to the View DELIVERIES and design the layout as follows

Step 9: Map the context of controller to the View INVOICE and design the layout as follows

Step 10: Embed the Standard Interface IF_FPM_BUILDING_BLOCK in our component implemented interfaces  

Click on Reimplement button.

Go and check in the component controller methods tab all the interface methods will be available .  

Step 11: Save all and activate the Component  

Step 10: Create Application and save it in Package.

Give the Component name: FPM_GAF_COMPONENT

              Interface View      : FPM_WINDOW

              Default                 : DEFAULT

Note: Whatever application you had created that will not be available in Webdynpro Component it will be available in Package.

Step 11: Open the Package and expand the WebDynpro applications folder

 Select the Webdynpro application and right click on it select create/change configuration

  Click here to continue...


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