Creation and Usage of Freely Programmed Search Help in Web Dynpro for ABAP


Step 4

Create an interface node in the component controller with an attribute. In this template i have created node "MATERIAL" with attribute "MATNR".

Step 5

Go To attribute Tab and add VALUE_HELP_LISTENER of type IF_WD_VALUE_HELP_LISTENER.

Step 6

Go to the events tab and add VH_DATA_SELECTED event and make it as an interface.

Write the below mentioned code in the event created above.


Step 7

Go to the view created and add the node from the context to the view. and create a button with action "CHOOSE" and an input field bind to the attribute "MATNR".


Step 8

Embed the main view in the window and activate afterwards.

Till this step I created the search help. Below mentioned steps will show how to use this created search help.

Step 9

Create another component as shown below in the screenshots.

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