WebDynpro for ABAPTM

Building a simple application


8.      Create an attribute for the node as shown below:


 Save the application. 

9.      Double-click on the view, FIRST_VIEW, created earlier.

 In this step, we would be designing the first screen of our application with the following elements:

·        Label for the input field

·        Input field

·        Button (for Submit) 

Drag and drop the element “Label” onto the layout. 


After dragging and dropping onto the layout, change the text of the “Label” to “Username” in the right side bottom of the window. 


Now drag and drop the “input field” onto the layout.


Now click on the Label element created earlier and set the property of “LabelFor” to “INPUT_FIELD”.


Finally, drag and drop the element “Button” on to the layout.


In the properties window of the Button, do the following: 

Change the text to “Submit”


Click on “Create” for the property “OnAction”.


Enter the Action and the Outbound Plug name.


Press “OK” for the creation prompt of Outbound Plug. 

Click on “Context”tab. Drag and drop the Node on the right side to the context on the left side.

Click on ‘YES’ for the prompt for the node to copied and mapped.

 Save the application. 

Click on Layout tab now.

Double-click on the “Input_field” and in the properties:

a)      For the property “Value”, select the attribute “Name” by clicking on the binding button.

We are done with designing of the first screen.


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