WebDynpro for ABAPTM

Building a simple application


10.  In this step, we would design the second screen of our application.

Right-Click on the WebDynpro component and create another view, SECOND_VIEW. 

Create a label, “Entered Name” as mentioned in the earlier step.

We would display the value entered on the first screen in an element called “text view”.

Drag and drop the element “Text View” onto the layout. 

Click on “Context” tab and map the nodes as in our earlier step.


Go to Tab “Inbound Plugs” and create an inbound plug as shown below:

Go back to the layout now.

Now double-click on the element “TextView” to open the properties. For the property “Text”, click on the binding button and select “Name” 


11.   In this step, we would embed the above created views in the window created in the first step.

a)      Double-click on the window “MAIN_WINDOW”.

b)      Right-click on the window name and select “EMBED VIEW”.

c)      Embed both the views created earlier. Do not select the view “EMPTYVIEW” which is created by default.

d)      Expand the tree.

e)      Now right-click on “SUBMIT” and select “Create Navigation”.  

f)        Select “SECOND_VIEW” for the dest.view.  

g)      Now select the FIRST_VIEW and make it as default.


Save and activate the application (When activating, select all the six components related to this webdynpro application. If all six components are activated, only then your application executes)

Now your application is ready to execute. Lets look at the method of testing this application.


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