Using Tab strips in Web Dynpro for ABAP


Bind this transparent container UI element with the context node FLIGHT_DATA.    

Observe the layout after the binding between ‘flight_data’ node and the transparent container  

Repeat the steps for the other two tab strip i.e. for Additional_info and Availability.

Create the button to navigate to the main view.

Now the layout looks like this with the tab strip and button.  

STEP 4: Navigation of the views using Plugs

To navigate between the views i.e. from Main view to the Flight_detail View ‘IB1_Flight_Detail’ Inbound Plug from Flight_Detail View to Main.

‘IB_Main’ Inbound plug from the Main view to the Flight_Detail View.

In the Main View,  

In Button property click on ‘OnAction’

Create action ‘on_getflightdetails’.

Create Outbound plug ‘OB_MAIN’.


Observe the layout of the main view.

In the ‘Flight_detail’ view,

In Button property click on ‘OnAction’

Create the action as ‘on_back’.

Create the Outbound plug ‘ob1_flight_detail’.

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