Using Tab strips in Web Dynpro for ABAP


Observe the layout of the ‘flight_detail’,

On Actions of the Main View ‘on_getflightdetails’, generate the code using the code wizard.

Select the Method calls in used controller.

Use the Method name ‘Execute_bapi_flight_getlist’.


Observe the generated code.


Repeat the same procedure for the method ‘Execute_bapi_flight_getdetail’.  


STEP 5:  Including attributes in the component controller  

In the component controller of the attributes,  


I_Carrid: s_carr_id.




STEP 6: Coding the methods ‘execute_bapi_flight_getdetail’ and ‘execute_bapi_flight_getlist’ of the component controller.  

Methods of the component controller:  

In Execute_BAPI_GETLIST Method .Include the below code as shown in the above fig.  

field-symbols:<fs> type if_componentcontroller=>element_flight_list.
 read table lt_c_flight_list assigning <fs> index 1.
 if sy-subrc eq 0.
 wd_this->i_carrid = <fs>-airlineid.
 wd_this->i_connid = <fs>-connectid.
 wd_this->i_date = <fs>-flightdate.

In Execute_BAPI_GETLIST Method pass the attributes that has been used in the component controller.

       airlineid =                         wd_this->i_carrid
       connectionid =                 wd_this->i_connid
       flightdate =                      wd_this->i_date

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