Displaying text and radio button using WebDynpro for ABAP


  1. Now open the view structure and move the view MAINVIEW inside the window structure on the right hand side by Drag and Drop.


  1. Open the window structure on the right hand side and you will see the embedded MAINVIEW. 


  1. Save your changes.

Creating a View Context for MAINVIEW 

  1. Open the View Editor for view MAINVIEW and switch to tab Context. Create a context node RADIOGROUP and ViewText  in the View Controller by opening the corresponding context menu.


  1. Maintain the properties according to the screen shot below. Select EKKO as Dictionary Structure and “0…n” for the Cardinality.


Select button Add Attribute from Structure and select components of structure EBELN.  


Press OK.

  1. Create context attribute name ViewText.


ViewText Type String 


  1. The result should look like this: 


You have now created a context node “RADIOGROUP” which refers to the data structure of table EKKO and which can contain 0 to n entries.  and attribute “ViewText” which refers to the type string which can contain no entries. The context node has been created in the view context, since no data exchange with other views is planned. Therefore, the component controller context usage is not necessary. 

  1. Save your changes of view MAINVIEW.

 Creating a corresponding UI Element for the context node RADIOBROUP and Attribute VIEWTEXT. 

  1. Switch to tab Layout of view MAINVIEW.
  2. Insert a new UI elements of type GROUP,CAPTION, RADIOBUTTONGROUPBYINDEX  and  Textview under ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER and assign the properties in the given below.


Enter UI Group element and set the below properties :

Design              :  sapcolor

Width                            : 100%

Captio               :  Sample Scenario 


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