Freely Programmed Value Help in the WebDynpro application (WebDynpro for ABAP)


Go to Used Components tab and include the component created previously ZWDC_HELP_1 and name it as FREE as shown bellow...

Go to COMPONENTCONTROLLER and further to properties tab... Include that Used Component FREE as shown below...

Go to the Context of the COMPONENTCONTROLLER and there you will see the Interface node ND_TEXT which you have created in the previous component... Drag and drop it...

Create another Node ND_RESULT and an Attribute RESTEXT with Type as STRING, Input Help Mode as Freely Programmed and include the component name which you have defined as shown below...


Go to Methods tab and create an Event Handler Method TEST and include the event VH_DATA_SELECTED in the component use FREE as shown...

Double click that Event Handler Method TEST and write the following coding for getting the Input field value from FREE component and setting that value to the Attribute which you have created in this component... ( Get coding from the Read Context in Wizard )


*   navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ND_TEXT> via lead selection

*   get element via lead selection

*   get single attribute
        NAME =  `INPUT_1`
        VALUE = LV_INPUT_1 ).

* navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ND_RESULT> via lead selection

* get element via lead selection
* Set single attribute
      NAME =  `RESTEXT`

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