Creating Extended Value Selector (EVS) - Static and Dynamic in Web Dynpro for Java


Save the changes by clicking on save all metadata  on the application tool bar. 

  • Choose next.
  • Change the Editor property of the attribute to input field.

  • Confirm by choosing finish.

Step 6.  Code for populating the values dynamically 

  • Select the implementation tab of the EVS_ComponentView.
  • Write the following code under the method wdDoInit();

Step 7.  Creating an application for the web dynpro project 


  • Web dynpro explorer->Extended_Value_Selector->web dynpro->Application.
  • Right click on application and create a new application.


Step 8.  Rebuild the project


Web dynpro explorer->Extended_Value_Selector

  • Right click on Extended_Value_Selector.
  • Choose rebuild project.

Step 9. Deploy and run the application 


Web dynpro explorer->Extended_Value_Selector->web dynpro->application->EVSApplication. 

  • Right click on EVS Application and choose Deploy new archive and run.
  • You can see the output in the browser as shown below.


  • A table pops up with the key and display texts once you click on the icon beside the input field.


  • We can Filter the values according to the starting letter.

We can also sort the key and texts using selected column as key. 


Please send us your feedback/suggestions at webmaster@SAPTechnical.COM 

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