Reuse Java Dictionary Types in Web Dynpro Development Components (Web Dynpro for Java)


Select Development Component.  

Click on Next Local Development->My Components. Click Next.

Provide name as ‘dictionary’, caption as ‘Dictionary DC’and type as ‘Dictionary’  

Click Next. Keep the default settings. Click on Finish.  

Define Dictionary data types: Simple Types, Structures & Database Tables  

Go to Dictionary Explorer->dictionary->Dictionaries->Local Dictionary

->Data Types->Simple Types. Right click on it.

Create Simple Type EMPID  



Click on Finish.

Navigate to the Definition tab of Simple type.

Keep type as String and Maximum length as 10.  

Create another simple type NAME of type String and Maximum Length 30.

Right click on the Structures node of Data Types.

Create New Structure ‘Employee’.


Provide Package. Click on Finish  


Create 2 elements in Employee structure: EMPID and NAME of respective simple types EMPID and NAME.  

Right click on Database Tables node of Local Dictionary.

Create Database Table TMP_EMPLOYEE



Click on Finish.

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