Reuse Java Dictionary Types in Web Dynpro Development Components (Web Dynpro for Java)


Define two table columns EMPID and NAME of respective simple types EMPID and NAME.  

Make Dictionary type DC visible to other DCs  

Expand DC Metadata node of the Dictionary DC. Right click on Public Parts

->New Public Part


Give the name pp_dictionary. Click on Next.


In the next screen, select Dictionary Simple Type. Check checkboxes for com/sap/mypackage/EMPID and com/sap/mypackage/NAME.

Then select Dictionary Structure. Check com/sap/mypackage/Employee. Select Dictionary Database Table. Check /TMP_EMPLOYEE.  


Click on Finish

Build , Create .sda and deploy Dictionary DC on J2EE server  

Right Click on Dictionary DC ->Development Component->Build

Create Archive (.sda= software development archive)  


Right Click on Dictionary DC ->Development Component->Deploy  

Create Web Dynpro DC and Define UI fields  

File->New->Development Component Project ‘dictionary_wd’.


Right Click on Web Dypro Components->New. Create a new Web Dynpro component ‘DictionaryUsageComp’ with view name ‘DictionaryUsage’.


Go to dictionary_wd->DC Metadata->DC Definition->Used DCs. Right click on Used DCs->Add Used DC.  


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