Reuse Java Dictionary Types in Web Dynpro Development Components (Web Dynpro for Java)


Navigate to My Components->dictionary->pp_dictionary.

 Reuse of Dictionary types requires that you select the following dependency types:  

Ø       Build Time (affected Web Dynpro objects need the Dictionary type for compilation)

Ø       Run Time (at runtime, the Web Dynpro application dynamically links to the Dictionary data type deployed to the target server)  


Right click on dictionary_wd->Development Component->Build

Now navigate to Web Dynpro Components->DictionaryUsageComp->Views->DictionaryUsage. Select Context tab.

Define Context node Person with structure binding to Employee Structure defined earlier in Dictionary DC .  

 Click on Next

Click on Finish. Switch to Layout tab. Add following UI elements.


·         Add an onAction event handler onActionCreateRecord() for button ‘Create Record’

·         Add an onAction event handler onActionDisplayRecords() for button ‘Display Records’.  

Create DC of type Enterprise Application Project  

·         Open J2EE DC Perspective

·         File->New->Development Component->J2EE->Enterprise Application with name ‘ear_dc’.


Right click on ear_dc->New->META-INF/data-source-aliases.xml  


Provide Alias name as DSSAP  

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