Using Simple Graphics in a Web Dynpro application


Introduction to chart Designer to Business Graphics(Extension to first application)

Open the view SimpleGraphicsV.Go to the “Layout” of the view.In the Outline pane, right click on your Business Graphic “SimpleGraphic” and in the menu select “ Start Chart Designer” . 


The Chart Designer will show up in the upper right hand pane for your Business Grahphic. It is shown in the image below.

Edit the properties of your business graphics in chart designer. 

Set the Title of your businessgraphic. Just highlight the“Title” element in the “Overview” pain. Then enter your title in the “Caption” property. Set the Legend caption. Same process you did for the “Title”, but for “Legend”.



Set the Border properties of the legend to have a solid black border. Set the Title and Unit “caption” property under the “Categoryaxis” element. (Open up the node, you will see a Title element). 



Set the Unit caption as Months. Do the same as above but for the first Value Axis node.

- Set the Value Axis Title Caption

- Set the Value Axis Unit Caption 




Change the Background Color. Highlight the “Background” element in the Overview pane.

Under “Area Properties” you can set the color. Do not forget to save your Metadata. 







 Right click on SimplegrahicsApplàDeploy Archive and Run. 

The output as follows:

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