Consuming XI Web Service in Java WebDynpro application


In the Diagram View for a Component, Choose Component Controller right click and say Apply Template


Now select Service Controller and say Next

Now select the Model class for the Model binding and a method called

executeRequest_CDWS_MI_CDWS_MI will be generated. 


Check the Context Elements you want to bind. 


Using Data link connect the StartView and Component Controller and also do Context Mapping. 

Later Using Data link Connect ResultView and Component Controller and also do Context Mapping. 

Using Data link Connect Component Controller and Model (FujitsuModel) and also do Context Mapping..

After doing above steps the total Diagram View looks like in below screenshot. 


Add few coding lines for method executeRequest_CDWS_MI_CDWS_MI( ) as follows

This coding lines are mandatory to communicate with XI(PI).We should mention the userid and password for XI system. 

public void executeRequest_CDWS_MI_CDWS_MI( )
    //@@begin executeRequest_CDWS_MI_CDWS_MI()

    //$$begin Service Controller(-1540004708)
    IWDMessageManager manager = wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager();

Step3: Deploy the Java Web Dynpro in J2EE Engine. 

Create an Application 


After creating the Application Save the object’s and say

Deploy New Archive and Run 


Enter the SDM Password to deploy JavaWebDynpro in to J2EE Engine. 


Step 4: Test the Scenario 

After Successful Deployment Enter the Customer Number and say GetDetails now the response from RFC via XI (PI) will be found in next view. 


Response from RFC via XI (PI)


Now check the Message Processing in SXMB_MONI of XI (PI).

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