Concept of Re-evaluate agents for active work items in SAP Workflow


Create the rule container elements as shown below.

IM_USER data type is SYST-UNAME


Create a user decision step with APPROVE and REJECT buttons, select Rule for agents category and assign the rule id created in the above step.

In the latest end tab select, select expression for, modeled for ACTION and assign WF_START_DATE for Date and WF_START_TIME for time fields. Provide a meaning full outcome name. This will create a new branch for the user decision step.

Create a event creator step and pass the values as shown below. Once the process reach the event creator step all the active work items will reset, active work items will disappear from the inboxes and will be reprocessed.

Here ends all the development. The workflow definition looks as shown below.  

Open the transaction ZTRAVEL pass the values as shown below pass date, time and click on SUBMIT.

After clicking on Submit button the function code assigned to the Submit button will trigger the event and workflow will start. As per the logic a work item should go to the line manager's inbox.  

Check your Line manager's inbox for the work item.

Note: Do not perform any action on the work item.

In the workflow log we can see the deadline time and date. Once the deadline time is reached the new branch will start processing will populate the DEADLINE_FLAG with X  in the first step and once the second step is reached all the work items will be re-initiated  and the existing active work item will disappear.

Login into platform manager system. Go to SAP Inbox you will find the work item waiting.


Login to line manager system. Go to SAP Inbox. The work item will de disappeared.

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