Triggering Workflow using Business Transaction Events (BTE)


·        To assign function module to the event, we need to create a product, say ZPRODUCT. Click as shown below:


·        Click on New entries.


·        Ensure that the Active check box is checked, otherwise BTE wouldn’t trigger.

·        Now we need to assign the function module created earlier to the event

·        Click as per the following screenshot:


·        Click on new entries and create the following entry for 00001120:


·        Test the BTE by creating a document through FB01 transaction.

·        To check whether the assignment field is filled with “Demo BTE”, display the created accounting document from FB03 and check for the Assignment value.


Double click on the item.


Triggering business object events:

 Update the Z function module that is created earlier by calling the function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE to trigger a business object event. Link this event to the workflow. To know about triggering an event programmatically, click here. 

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