SAP Workflow Customization Settings (How to do)


Schedule Background Job for Missed Deadlines

This is the job which checks if any work item has

Select this step and click on F8.

There are chances that you might encounter the following error:

To resolve this, you need to maintain the default printer in your user profile of WF-BATCH or change the printer to a valid one. Go to SWU1 and enter WF-BATCH. Navigate to tab “Defaults”.

In the above screenshot, the output device is maintained as LP01 which is not valid. Here I am modifying the same to LOCL. Also the check box “Output immediately” is marked ‘X’.

Save your entries.

Now let us go back to transaction SWU3 and the step “Schedule Background Job for Missed Deadlines”. Click on F8.

You would get the following screen:

Depending on the business requirements, we can change the interval to the desired level. However 3 minutes is the minimum duration the system accepts.

Click on “Save and Schedule”. You would get the prompt for the customization request.

Now similarly schedule the  jobs – “Work items with errors” and “Condition evaluation”.

For the step “Schedule Background job for Event Queue”, click on F9 (Automatic execution).

See the screenshot below:

Now we can observe the green tick mark beside “Maintain Runtime Environment”.  

Now let’s move to “Maintain Definition Environment”

Click here to continue...

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