SAP Workflow Customization Settings (How to do)


If you do not intend to work with HCM related workflows, the next step “Check Entries from HR Control Tables” is not mandatory.

To maintain this step, please visit

After completion of the above step, we can now observe that the steps regarding “Maintain Runtime Environment” and “Maintain Definition Environment” are in green now.

Unless you plan to use the Guided Procedures, the above configuration should be fine to work with the workflows in SAP R/3.

Now to test the workflow configuration, click on “Start verification Workflow (F5)”. We would get the following popup message:

Now go to your SAP Inbox to check the work item (Transaction SBWP)

Execute the work item.


We can choose one of the two options to test the workflow configuration. Let us chose the first one.

You would now receive two emails in your SAP inbox:

This completes the workflow configuration. 

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